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I'm about BEING BLACK and I'm about NATURAL HAIR. Fair warning: I curse.


Anonymous asked: My library puts these "African American" stickers on the spines of books with black authors. Is this racist because it tells white people they don't have to care about these books, or is it OK because it helps out black people who want to read books by black authors? This is the downtown branch of the library that gets used by lots and lots of people of every race.


Judging by the quality of questions I get, racists don’t need a sticker to ignore books.







Some eaiser variations of push ups to help you build the strength to do a traditional one!

I don’t generally reblog ‘fitness’ stuff but gaddamn could I use some more arm strength.

Push-ups are my worst nightmare. I can only do 44 before I pass out on the floor.

"I can only do 44" hahaha omg I can’t even do one.

Other ways to build arm strength: with at a JoAnn’s Fabric super store in the fucking Home Decor department.

6 days a week lifting fucking drapery tools over your head will do the trick in one sweaty, dusty summer.

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